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Thread: Dolphins to host Marqise Lee tomorrow

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    Quote Originally Posted by j-off-her-doll View Post
    For a while, USC had a great system in place (we saw the guy that implemented the system just win a SB). Think of Alabama and that great system and how many "busts" it's given the league. They sometimes make the players look like better prospects than they are.

    Lee is far removed from the glory days of USC, and I haven't seen any indications that he was being made look better than he is; if anything, the opposite is true.

    futurescout said it, but Lee gets in and out of his breaks like he bleeds WD40. He eats up cushion, because he doesn't lose momentum when he changes direction. The only other player, in this loaded class, who can do that is Tevin Reese. He's the definition of football fast. He'll always look like the fastest player on the field.
    J I couldn't agree more. His breaks in his routes are so fluid the DBs just seem to have no clue what's coming. He runs a 4.5 in full gear. Most guys run a 4.4 in shorts but a 4.55 in gear. Lee stays just as fast. His highlight video shows him constantly running away from corners and safeties or he's behind the secondary. Guy is fast and smooth. I would love him as our pick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JFoxx View Post
    Like the guys potential talent, but there is a huge risk there with a little bit of injury history and underperformance last year. I know some people blame the QB, coach, etc., but some say it was partly him as well. I'd be interested in the second round if he's still there (which I doubt at our pick), but I wouldn't risk the first round pick with the other talent and needs we have and could fill.
    I bet last year you would have been singing a different tune. This kid is a stud and a steal at 19.
    Let's go Miami!!!!
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    Do it! I love this pick if it happens! Fact is we need a real #1 receiver. Being able to use Wallace all over the field and find holes that lee makes and vice versa would be amazing. Though I love hartline and think he's a great player in his own right, he is more of a timing sideline throw kind of guy, he might be the best in the league at that but he is kind of a one trick pony.

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