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Thread: The Offensive Tackle Mythology Index

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    Quote Originally Posted by SWS84 View Post
    I hear ya. Clearly, Anthony Hunt, the Directory of Pro Personnel, and Hickey are missing something. Have you shared your ideas with them? Maybe they can bring you on as Assistant GM, I believe Hickey hasn't replaced Gaines yet.
    My agent tells me that we have no current offers but, that Miami will be closely watching my assessments this season, and will get back to us next year. JK/LOL
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    In theory it makes perfect sense to never draft linemen in the first and if given enough time I'm sure this strategy would pay off and I'm also sure other teams would take notice and begin to copy that strategy bringing the value of the position back down to earth. But it should be obvious where the fatal flaw in this theory is, the 'if given enough time' part. In this day and age most coaches and GMs are expected to show results in a very short amount of time and in Hickey's case it could very easily be just one season. So when it comes to the draft, and I don't even think this is debatable, o-line, and specifically first round o-line, is the only position that can make a relatively big difference almost immediately. Even if its only half a game that could be the difference between Hickey getting another year or not. And its not just us, save maybe a half a dozen coaches in the league everybody is in a win now mode which explains why everybody is so horny to overdraft o-line.

    I completely understand where both sides are coming from but I have no idea how to find the balance between long term success vs short term job security. It seems like a total catch 22 to me.
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