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Thread: Hartline Highlights

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    Love Hartline! A fourth round pick that has improved each season in the league. While he doesn't have world class speed nor will he threaten the defense to take it to the house he has great awareness, route running, sideline catching ability and has a great heart. Goes to work and doesn't complain about his stats or balls thrown his direction. A great team first player. The one weakness in his game is the inability to score many touchdowns he only has 10 in his career. But consider when was the last time we had a receiver that went for 1000 yards in back to back seasons?
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    jets... patriots... bills... Hartline has his best games against the teams I hate the most. I love that! he was always so wide open I got mad they didn't throw to him more last year. it would be nice to see Gibson in there with him again, I hope that happens
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