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Thread: Hickey gets it!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by KTOWNFINFAN View Post
    Last year we brought in Wallace, Gibson and Keller to score more points. This year Hickey has brought in Moreno and Damien Williams. With all those upgrades maybe we should hire some extra folks to keep the scoreboard working properly, we may end up wearing that thing out.

    I swear there are those around here that would blame Ireland for anything from global warming to missing flight 370. Before we annoint Hickey king of the draft, let's at least let him have one first. There is a big difference between talking to a couple WRs before the draft and actually drafting any of them. I will be the first to admit the bar wasn't set too high to be better than Jeff was on draft day, but I can't say Hickey has impressed me much in free agency.
    OK I hear what you are saying, but given that many experts gave Miami an "F" grade last year, and had Miami having the worst draft of all 32 teams, Hickey should be an upgrade. Yes, we still have to wait to see what Hickey will do in terms of the draft, but he has already added a bunch of WR's through free agency.
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    Quote Originally Posted by phintim View Post
    Interesting advatar is that a poke at something. Jusk askin!
    Yes and no. It's just something from an old tv show I grew up on but the show itself did poke fun at society and pop culture in general.
    Not every human is a manipulative, opportunistic, letch... or at least that's what I'm told.
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