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Thread: Lets talk phones

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    I have an S4 and I like it a lot. I did turn off most of those extra features like the air gesture and the like. They only seem to work with the Samsung apps, which I don't use, and they just eat battery power. I'm not a huge phone user though besides screwing around on the internet at work. I like it way better than my last phone, though (an Evo 4G).
    Quote Originally Posted by uk_dolfan View Post
    So some thoughts on the new S4... bluntly it is one hell of a phone and I adore it already.

    - Firstly, this is my first 4g phone..... 42 mb internet while sitting on the train today was rather nice lol
    - Galaxy S4 is just better than the S2 in every way
    - the 5 inch hd screen is gorgeous
    - the phone runs really well and seems to have good hardware for a slightly older phone(but it actually took a slight hit when I updated to kitkat .. I guess they still have some issues with this, I wish I didn't take the update yet)
    - it just "feels" really nice, holding it, typing and generally using the phone just feels better than any phone I have had before, sending a text on my girlfriends iphone earlier just felt horrible compared to the Galaxy.. it didn't used to
    -I don't take many pics but the 13mp camera is rather bad ass

    Bad points
    - it has a feature that let's you go back and fourth through pages and scroll up and down with vague hand movements... This annoys the life out of me as it always seems to do it when I don't want it to
    - its very erm plastic, idk how well it will last, by the end of the contract my s2 wasnt in great shape, the metal finish of the iphone might have served the s4 well
    - the battery is far from amazing, but I suppose that's normal and its supposed to have a much better battery than similar phones like the nexus 5
    - the clock is kind of small lol seriously, this bugs me a lot as I use my phone as a watch

    (gorgeous screen though, even with it dimmed due to low battery)

    All in all, great phone and im chuffed to bits with it. It wont have some features like "being waterproof" lol that newer phones like the s5 and probably the new iphone have, but as far as im concerned for a mid tier priced phone I struggle to imagine a better buy at this point.

    I cant stress just how nice the screen/display on this phone is

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    yea for all the fancy features on these phones I only ever really use twitter, wattsapp, tapatalk and the internet. Should probably just get a cheap ****ty one lol
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    I have an iPhone 5 that my company provides for me. Had a blackberry before that and there is no comparison.
    I bought my wife an iPhone 4 back several years ago. I was wondering why she was always on her phone.

    Know I know. I hardly ever use my computer at home anymore. You can do most of it on the phone.
    Getting ready to buy her a new one and I will stick with the Apple iPhone.
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