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Langer - Thanks for having the guts to present your picks. Biggest problem from your mock draft is that our O-line gets addressed as an afterthought. You may have found the right guys but I question the priorities.

My mindset is that apart from the top 1-3 OL players, the rest are pretty much the same in terms of talent. I also believe that we never should draft LG,C,RG,RT, with a first round pick.
At our position in the draft, those top players are gone and I can settle for guys deeper down in the draft.
Drafting Richardson in the 3rd gives us the option at RG, or RT. I think he could play either position. I do not think I ignored the Oline. I am counting on Britt as well. He can play.
Henderson is a roll of the dice, but if he grows up, he has elite physical talent and could plat either tackle spots.
I still think we will sign a veteran RT between now and camp just to play it safe.
Cooks is the type of WR that compliments Wallace and Hartline. I am not worried about his size, he can flat out play. Duper and Clayton were 5'10".
Borland has short arms, but our Dline should keep him clean and he will work great in our defense IMHO.
Good luck to Hickey and the Fins tonight. I will be a fun draft to watch.