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Thread: Mike Mayock top 100 prospects 5/5/14

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    The key with CK is that not only he is a really committed evaluator, but he is an exceptional writer. By that, I am not referring to grammar and constructing a sentence. I mean that he really articulates his ideas well. (And quickly, too. I have sometimes exchanged posts on here with him. I write something, check back 10 minutes later and he has a 1000 word post ready, exceptionally written, and I am like, "how is that mathematically possible?" LOL.
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    Mike Mayock is a disgrace. He should be thrown off the draft day coverage. Thank goodness I didn't watch NFL Network on the first day, after Mayock gave away so many picks last year after he had received the information in his earpiece, or watched the activity in the room and saw which player was reacting to being selected.

    Today I finally watched the NFL Network coverage of round one. Mayock did exactly the same thing, beginning with the Bortles selection. After it said "pick is in" suddenly Mayock switched to Bortles, after not mentioning him previously. He is so desperate to make himself look good he flat out lies. Mayock actually had the gall to say, "I don't know this for a fact...," after naming Bortles as the pick while the Bortles card was being walked to the podium.

    On another site posters were saying that fans at a sports bar were booing every time Mayock gave away the choice, and that prompted the bar owner to switch every set to ESPN.
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