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Thread: "I'm not a draftnik. I am a draft philosopher, though."

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Gift received at 09-22-2014, 08:04 PM from WVDolphan
Message: You will need this when Moore comes in and starts connecting with Wallace on deep throws.
    On second thought, I encourage ALL the GMs to take this advice to heart. I want all 4 of the top OTs in the draft to still be there at 16. Miami would be guaranteed one of them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Digital View Post
    I like Dave Hyde. Nice guy, pleasant to read, seems to be a fan of the Dolphins. But, over the years it seems clear to me he really doesn't know football. While he could well be right ... I don't really hold his opinion in high regard. So no matter what he suggests I simply keep my own counsel.

    The best draft stuff he ever published was when he had the Universal Draft guys (Simon, CK, and I can't recall the other guy name) give him draft knowledge.

    So, at least he understands who he is and recognizes that this isn't really his strength.

    What Dave doesn't understand is that the draft is by far the most rewarding of the 3 avenues of team building (draft, FA, and trades). Unfortunately, it is also the most risky and speculative.

    Ideally you fill holes in FA inexpensively, avoid paying high prices in trades, and have a manageable cap.

    IF you do all of these things then you are in the perfect position to draft BPA.

    Invariably, there are gaps. If you absolutely adhere to BPA you end up with lopsided teams that usually are less than the sum of their parts. So, almost every GM preaches BPA and then selects a mix of need and BPA.

    For example, Ozzie In Baltimore is known as a strict adhere to BPA, will not draft a QB in round 1 or 2 regardless of value. He needs WR, RB, OL and TE on offense ... everything except QB ... so he will say he drafted BPA ... and let at least 1 higher rated QB slide.

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    I sense that BPA is like politicians talking about values. It sounds good when questioned - gives the people confidence that they know what they're doing but they break with it when the need arises.
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