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Thread: Final Mock

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    Final Mock

    Round 1: Xavier Su'a-Filo, OG
    A lot of people say you can not pick an OG this high, but with all the best OT off the board this is the pick. You may say I am crazy, but come back in 10yrs. when he has been to multiple Pro Bowls. If we can trade back in to the mid 20's and pick up some extra picks, so much the better

    Round 2: Ja'Wuan James, OT
    Initially I was not high on him, but after reviewing some games he is pretty agile for a big man and he has played in a ZBS.

    Round 3:Terence West, RB
    One cut runner who has the strength to run over people. Some may question his level of competition, but he has done the one thing you have to do when coming from a small school, dominate on that level. His hands out of the backfield are a plus.

    Round 4: Trevor Reilly, OLB
    Has good awareness when being cut blocked. Excels in coverage and can be an effective pass-rusher.

    After that BPA
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    I'd love that, but I don't think James makes it to 50. I agree 100% on the pick of XSF at 19. I'd prefer to trade back, but if we can't I'm fine with taking him there. IMHO he gives you a guy who you can stick at guard for a decade. Worth it at 19 to me.
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    I wouldn't complain.
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