I'm drafting 19th overall. I need some pieces to fill out a team - an inside linebacker, a big, modern tight end and maybe a safety. But I need a right tackle desperately. Put it this way: If I don't get a starting-caliber tackle, the offensive line is a big problem, which means the season is again threatened, which means coach Joe Philbin's job is threatened, which means my job is threatened.

So I have to be assured of getting a right tackle to plug in and play immediately. That's the over-riding thought of this draft. Normally, I'd rather drink a gallon of seawater than have no choice but to draft a right tackle with a first-round pick, especially in this draft when there are some good options at 19th overall but not really at tackle. But this is the hand I've been dealt.

Here's my five, step-by-step thoughts on how to attempt to draft a ready-to-start right tackle at the right price: