Well it is what it is, fins got an olineman, reach or not that picked a need. Now hopefully fins can focus on playmakers that they need now. I think another pass catcher whether WR or if a talented tightend still available, then that. But also, we know how underwhelming the fins runningbacks and ground game was last season. Part of it was the blocking but the runningbacks could have helped, so I think fins should draft a running back too. I know they have knowshown moreno, but thats just on year and rb have such short careers as well as many teams have back split carries to stay fresh by end of season. You rather get a WR in second round and rb in third round or rb in second round and WR in third round and who?

Personally for me, I'd rather fins get a WR in second rd, as there is still some good talent not picked yet. Marquis lee is still availabe and others that fins could get. Whereas there are runningbacks available as none were picked in first round. But rbs are not the hot commodites as years past. So I don't think fins need to select any in second rd as I could see the second or third best rb falling into the third rb, plus its seems rbs, or talented ones are more likely to fall furthr down in draft and teams finding good rbs and them being good in later rounds. So what's your hope and plan tomorrow with focus in 2nd rd and third regarding the position you'd prefer picked first?