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Thread: So day one is over, who should fins take first WR or runningback?

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    The gurds that will be available will be hard to pass up IMO.

    I can't picture Robinson making it to us in the 2nd rnd, but I'm starting think Amaro has a shot there and that's a guy I think they might take.

    If Hyde fell to us in the 2nd you'd also have to really consider that. Lot of great options for us, obviously I really want Robinson like everyone else, just don't see that happening.

    I'm might more excited for day 2 than for day 1, kind of a had a feeling we would grab a tackle, can't really blame them, it's just not exciting.
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    Marqise Lee, Tre Mason, Jeremy Hill, or Allen Robinson....like these WR's and RB's....whoever is there at #50.
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