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Disagree with part of your post mate. New regime, and what we did this year is actually draft players in position of need and position that can help our QB, which is something that hasn't always happened. The fact that Lewan went at 11 is irrelevant to where we picked, because it was quite obvious that if we didn't trade up for Martin, then no way were we texting up for Lewan.

James is a RT. Not a guard. We needed a RT, and if he was valued at late 1st or early 2nd, then so be it. He will help this team and help RT. Landry is a freakish WR. To me, he is OJ part 2, and we need that. Hartline is a terrific No 2' but I think that Landry will be a better all round WR than anyone on the team in 2 seasons time.

Turner I think was a bit of a reach as well, but could well be one of the better players we have drafted in some time. The more I see of this draft, the more I read, the better I feel.
I have higher aspirations on Landry than you do and certainly hope he is much more than OJ McDuffie was.