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Thread: HYPOTHETICAL! Wallace for Andre Johnson

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    So today I'v read NE is going to trade for Andre Johnson, Josh Gordon and Justin Blackmon. This could cause some problems for Miami.
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    Quote Originally Posted by VA_Finfan View Post
    I'm not sure people really comprehend the impact Mike Wallace has on our offense. He can have a game in which he catches 0 balls, yet still greatly benefits our offense by opening up the field for the other receivers and the running backs. It was his first year in a new system with a completely inept offensive coordinator. Now before someone tells me that he's going to be in a new system again this year, I know, however the assumption is that Bill Lazor isn't as incompetent as Sherman. At this point, I wouldn't want to swap Mike Wallace for Andre Johnson at all, no way. I expect Wallace to have a bounce back year with this new offense, as he'll be moved around to create mismatches, something Sherman didn't do at all last year in his prehistoric offense. I know OP isn't calling for Wallace's head or even hating on him, but a lot of people need to ease up on the Mike Wallace hatred until he can prove himself this year.
    The guy has been in the league long enough and gets paid enough to warrant scrutiny at this point. He's getting the kind of pass usually reserved for rookies. I keep reading how he opens up the offense, and yet the running game regressed and the passing game produced an extra 20 yards per game. Color me unimpressed.

    I hope he finally rises to his potential this year, because I know he has a ton of it, but that doesn't change the fact that as of now, we have a vastly overpaid underachiever that we are putting all our hopes on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gregorygrant83 View Post
    So today I'v read NE is going to trade for Andre Johnson, Josh Gordon and Justin Blackmon. This could cause some problems for Miami.
    I highly doubt any of those happen
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