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Thread: Anyone else fine with not drafting a RB?

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    The runs will be there when tannehill has more time to pick defenses apart..
    Maybe the dolphins will be utilizing screen passes more often.
    If Moreno duplicates whet he did last year then we have enough.
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    Quote Originally Posted by next-year View Post
    After reading a lot of posts on here I realized i'm in the minority of people who are totally fine with not drafting a RB.

    First, I would have been alright had we drafted Hyde in the second. In long term though what's the point of drafting a decent HB with a 2-4th round pick (i'm referring to the top 5 rbs) when you can fill positions at that point in the draft which have higher grades at their respective positions that we are in need of?

    By not wasting money on a multi year deal with one of the overrated free agent Rb's and not spending a draft pick in the early rounds of this years' draft we are in a good position for next years draft which actually has STUD 3 down workhorse RBs.

    We will be in a position to get a Melvin Gordon/Todd Gurly/TJ Yeldon

    I know we should be concerned with the present season but I think we will be able to get enough out of Miller/Moreno/Gillislee this season and then be able to get a dominant player at the position next year.

    Before the draft I was actually hopeful that the organization would have the balls to make a move like this.
    Not fine with it.

    49er's got their next Gore, in Hyde. They know what they're doing. Everyone says how devalued RB's are, well the top teams have a great RB to plow through the end zone, to make third downs, to wear down and demoralize the defense. We don't have that this year. Like you said, there's great backs in 2015, and I am good, if that is our plan. But I don't believe it is, based on Philbin's history.

    I think Hyde was a great value at the 25th pick in the second round, without question. In terms of grade, Hyde was graded as a top 50 pick and Landry was not. With the draft so deep in WR, and the fact that Miami has a stable of receivers already, you could argue that it would have made more sense to draft the top rated RB, instead of a slot receiver. Don't get me wrong, I love Landry, he's the best receiver we've had on this team in ages. I'm crazy for him. But just in terms of need, we left the RB position unaddressed. We also should have had an opportunity to pick up Ka'Deem Carey or Devonta Freeman, but it didn't happen.

    What concerns me is this, that last year Ryan Tannehill was a top 10 QB in passing yards. So, it's not like we have receivers who can't catch. What we can't seem to do is score. So you have to think to yourself, what would have helped him more, another slot receiver to compete with Matthews and Gibson, or a dominant RB? It can be debated either way, I suppose, but we'll have to see how it plays out.

    What I didn't like in the draft was all that trading. It cost us dearly not only in the second round, but in the 4th, because we had no opportunity to pick at 16 anymore, we lost that position. So for this draft to be a success, that extra 5th rounder better pan out, Landry better be outstanding in the red zone, and Billy Turner better develop into a pro bowl guard.

    I'm optimistic, but concerned. Moreno has to work out, and that O line has to hold up. We'll see.

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    I had Hill as the best RB by a comfortable margin and - ignoring off-field issues - worthy of a top-20 pick. But given last year's issues in Miami, and Hill's off-field issues, I figured we wouldn't target him. I do think Hill is a strong bet for OROTY. Forgetting Hill, I think Landry is a more unique talent than Hyde, so I'm fine there.

    I was hoping to land McKinnon in the 5th, but he went toward the end of the 3rd. Teams that have reliable starting RB's likely saw McKinnon as a better value. He's a dynamic runner/athlete - who compares favorably to MJD. As a guy who can give AP a breather, he should do very well.

    I also like Ka'Deem Carey. There was speculation he would drop into the 6th or 7th because of his poor 40 and character issues, but I had him as the 3rd best RB in the draft. Bears drafted him before our pick in the 4th.

    There might be legitimate reasons Seastrunk fell to the 6th, but I would have loved it if Miami spent either of those 5th RD picks on him. To pass on that type of talent, the risk would have to be pretty severe - and much greater I'm aware.

    So while I had a few RB's I wanted for Miami, there are only two (Hill, Seastrunk) at one of our available picks.
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    I would have liked for us to draft a rb but let's not kid ourselves, although there were good backs available in the draft none of them were world beaters. I'm not sure Moreno can duplicate last season since he's going from playing with an all time great to a 3rd year qb. Also if we don't make the playoffs I hope Ross is smart enough to not allow Philbin to hang around for one more year.
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