why did all the GMs canadiates turn us down last year

PHINTIM: this is the biggest myth of the gm search.

they did not ALL turn us down. ray farmer did because he knew he had his cleveland gig and wanted to have interest perceived. good negotiation tool. he was never coming here no matter what and he wouldnt have had the ass load of high draft pics here waiting on him as he did in clevelands draft this year. he didnt get handed the team that hickey got. his star isnt as shiney as it appears.

the last guy, bill billicheks coffee catcher, was rumored to have "turned it down" but its funny how he didnt go on ANY other interviews. and then at the last moment he decides to interview with us. short visit and gone. what was that about? very odd. he came for something but it wasnt about being our gm. he is back being the same old janitor, filing cabinet, coffee running, boot shining, jack of all nothing he was before he interviewed here.

and remember, THIS WAS AN INTERVIEW PROCESS. the dolphins didnt set up interviews for all to say no. they probably had a few guys who would have done it but the FINZ said no. this business of everyone turning us down is garbage and has NO proof or credibility!!

and this hickey as last resort was just as bad. i think he was the 3rd guy interviewed and first reports the day fater said he "knocked it out of the park"!!

all along, from the beginning, ross said they would be taking there time and doing thorough interviews with several candidates. NO ONE would get handed the job off the bat. i think gamble was the first choice but when gamble decided he was staying in philly and not taking a job ANYWHERE ELSE [and he didnt. he could of had any gm gig he wanted] they began with others they held high. and i believe hickey was top two or 3 all along. but they did as they said they would, FINISH THE PROCESS and cover all bases.

but the oranges, who were all mad when THEIR guy didnt get hired [of course from them, their guy turned us down] no one else Would do and sucked. hickey will never get a fair deal from them and no matter what, they will always say he was a panic choice. the last guy in line [even though he was the 3rd interview] and never did anything worth note in the 18 years he spent in tampa.

this is just another of the misconceptions, myths and lies that need to be put to rest.