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These severe turf toe injuries never really heal, unfortunately, especially among athletes or dancers. Some of them end up limping the rest of their lives. It's a very nasty thing where a series of ligaments that maintain the stability of the toe are sprained. I don't think people have a proper appreciation for how serious an injury it can be given the name of the injury just makes it sound like athlete's foot gone awry. First off ligaments don't heal all that well anyway. They don't get active bloodflow the way tendons or muscles do so they take a lot longer to heal. And to make matters worse your feet don't heal very well because they're so far away from the heart. It's a particularly common injury in offensive linemen, as I recall, since they carry such weight and put so much stress on the toes. But all of the players at explosive positions are at risk.
it's more about depth, Goodson is going to be released and this gives us 4 solid RBs. I don't expect Johnson be the CJ of a few years ago but I expect he will be a major contributor and playmaker for an offense that was badly in need of them.