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Thread: Are you a SLIder?

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Message: Hit um straight wildman.

    Are you a SLIder?

    Do lights and electrical equipment inexplicably go out or die when you are around? Do light bulbs blow on you a lot? Well you might be a SLIder. Dubbed Street Light Interference this phenomena is strange to me but I truly believe in it.


    I started to notice this when I was a teenager but not until I started to drive did I truly see the full effect of this phenomena. Light bulbs blow on my all the time, old ones, new ones, mercury vapor it doesn't matter the type. I have killed two Xbox so far with the red eye of death when I powered them up. Too many electrical appliances to list have died when I used them. It is wired to say the least I wondered if anyone here on the site sees the same things I do?

    Before you argue the relevance of statistical proof, I brought this up to one of my best friends and my fiancée and they both said the same thing "it's just you paying attention more than the normal person it happens just as much to everyone as it does you." So I challenged them, I said for 1 month you count the number of lights that go out when you pass under them and we can take an average so they did and they both came back with similar numbers of street lights that went out as they were near 30' radius, around 5 each on the month. I said OK did you really pay attention to the details and they both said yes we did and every time we drove in a city or where there were lights we tried to count the lights that went out so even if they missed a few here or there I believe the numbers.

    Now add me to the mix, I said we are going to do the same experiment but only I will be riding with you at different times for about the same duration of time you both drove. The numbers were insane, there were roughly 10 lights a week each that went out when i was riding with them for a monthly total of 80 lights. Not to mention two of them were banks of lights that are overpass lights at a major interstate cross over.

    Both my friend and fiancée are now believers and said that there is something going on with you that doesn't normally happen to us. It's wierd.
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    That's just because you're having sex with electronics. No wonder they go dark - they're trying to escape your notice, perv.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bumpus View Post
    That's just because you're having sex with electronics. No wonder they go dark - they're trying to escape your notice, perv.
    In NY's defence that was me.

    However if you put tape the leads of a 12volt battery near your **** and and put a switch in-line then have sex, flip that switch for a tingling sensation that no product will replicate!
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