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Thread: What rules....Your heart or your he

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    The heart wants what the heart wants. Sadly. However, getting involved with someone already committed is a losing hand IMO. She may be keeping you as an emotional light at the end of tunnel in order to abide. Besides that, who's to say that her emotional wunderlust would end when being with you since there's now a precedent? I'd take the job, live where you really want to and see how a long distance relationship works for awhile. When you're not at her beck and call, it'll be interesting to see how "all in" she really is. It may turn out to be an epiphany for you, or force her out of the comfort zone to determine that she needs to accelerate her schedule since she can no longer have her cake and eat it too. But I know it's easy to give advice when it's your head making rational decisions vs your heart making emotional ones. But I'd take that job, relocate ending the status quo and see what develops. Lots of Sheilas down under (or is it Sheilas down unders?)

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    Don't be a clinger...

    Run and get away.

    Trust me, you will be happy you did.

    It's painful now but later on in life you realize you made a great move.
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