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Thread: Bitcoin and E-cigs - Might have more in common than you thought!

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    Money Bitcoin and E-cigs - Might have more in common than you thought!

    Hey guys,

    Long time member here. Would appreciate you reading my article I wrote and posted on reddit. If you're a reddit user, would you please upvote us?

    I welcome anyones opinions on either Bitcoin or E-cigs in general.


    reddit link:

    article link:
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    Very enjoyable article and interesting connection between bitcoins and ecigs. I feel I learned a lot about both. I love how the whole piece is composed. I was a little fuzzy on the purpose of the article though, because of this sentence: Thereís never been a better time to jump into bitcoin and ecigs than right now, and both are becoming increasingly more common and acceptable worldwide. That suggests investment, not consumerism, so I'm uncertain who the target audience is.

    In terms of grammar it's well-written, although there's nothing wrong with tweaking and editing if you feel bored. For example, you could do some things with the last paragraph:

    "Thatís really all there is to it. At the end of the day, somethingís merit should be judged by how well it helps people do what they want to do. And bitcoins and e-cigs do those things very well. Thatís why we endorse both."

    Maybe something like this:

    "That's really all there is to it. At the end of the day, something's merit should not be determined on whether it fits the establishment mold, but rather how effectively it fills a need and solves a problem. Bitcoins and e-cigs are emerging technologies which empower the consumer, and allow people do exactly what they want. That's why we endorse both."

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