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Thread: Anthony Johnson talented on and off field

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    One thing that hasn't been discussed much is he was overweight for awhile at LSU. He has been one screwup after another. He hasn't had the best upbringing. Came out of a Katrina area. Overweight, drugs, lack of focus. But immense natural talent.

    If anyone can get this kid to get it together it is Kacy Rodgers. Rodgers has a tremendous track record. He is the type of disciplinarian/father figure who can teach and get through to the kid. If you think about it, the kid hasn't done anything all that bad that some teaching and tough discipline won't fix. This is a 5 star talent that can be a steal. This is exactly the type of guy you take a chance on. I am highly optimistic on what we are doing here, if the kid is even reasonably attentive, which he apparently is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thefranchisedef View Post
    Didn't fall out of draft because of character issues?
    Yep. The rap on him was he was lazy and therefore never reached his potential on the field. He was the top prospect at his position coming out of high school but, only dominated here and there. Word was he didnt just take plays off, but entire games sometimes.

    He also was flagged for a positive drug test.

    Classic underachiever. We can only hope he gets it in gear and realizes his full potential as a player. But, there are countless players like this on every NFL roster. Few of them ever get to that "upside" people always talk about.
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    He was mocked mostly in the 4th round. I checked
    Multiple mocks and the lowest was 5th round, with the highest being the 2nd
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