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Thread: Williamson sees potential for Dolphins offense

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    Quote Originally Posted by truckstick23 View Post
    I love the Dolphins and with a passion but Mike Wallace=Desean Jackson. Ummmm, no. Is he better than what we saw last year? Yes. He is afraid to get hit, and catches the ball with his body. I understand that he brings a much needed element to our offense but I prefer Hartline and Landry to Wallace. I know that Landry hasn't proven a damn thing yet but that kid has heart, hands, and selflessness. Those are 3 key components that a stud receiver must have. Here's to hoping Wallace proves many of us wrong and has a monster year. I totally agree with everything else in this article, which gives me very high expectations for the upcoming season.

    To be honest with you all, a team that scares me this season is Buffalo. They are a team that's strengths mirror our weaknesses. Besides the QB position they are the stronger team (on paper). RB, O line, D line, WR, LB, kicker and secondary are all in better shape than our team. Our secondary will have their hands full with Watkins, Woods, Williams and their stable of strong backups (Goodwin, Graham, and Easly). God I hope we don't get swept by them again but if we son't get our sh** together its very likely they will.
    Did Randy Moss have those 3 components? One of the best Wrs of all time.
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    Marino had lots of drives stalled by dropped passes. He had to throw the ball away from jailbreak blitzes many times. The big difference was that each time he took the responsible players to task for it and made sure they knew it wasn't acceptable. We rarely see that from Tannehill.

    Most of the culprits continue to be repeat offenders. None of our TE's block worth a darn. That's why Lynch was drafted barely a year after Sims was drafted to be our blocking TE and failed. Clay runs 2 routes max, has sloppy routes and average hands and is an atrocious blocker. If it weren't for his speed and snap he would never sniff an NFL roster.

    Tannehill is in his 3rd year and I expect him to step up in many ways. The biggest in my mind is stepping up as a vocal, take charge leader. Hold those OL, RB's and TE's accountable for poor blocking. Let those WR's know in no uncertain terms that the routes must be run correctly and precisely and if it hits your hands it's your mistake if you don't catch it. No more of this 'everybody gets an A+ just for participating' B.S.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NY8123 View Post
    This receiving core is more than adequate to put up yardage and score points. The point of this write-up is spot on and the first sentence is the truth "The offense will obviously only go as far as third year quarterback Ryan Tannehill will take it, and weíve heard time and time again that Tannehillís athletic style of quarterbacking is the perfect fit for something like this."

    Style however does not equal success. If this team is going to pull out of the cycle of mediocrity that has entrenched it for 10+ years Ryan Tannehill has to be the guy to do it. Marino would have made any of these receivers look like all-pros, Manning, Bress, Brady and Rogers alike. This team is all on Tannehill and being that it is his third year there are no more excuses. Tannehill has to perform at the next level or this team is going to be stuck in the mud like a normal 6-10, 7-9 or 8-8 year, hell even 9-7 is an iffy record this season.

    I support Tannehill 100% and I think the kid has the tools, I also support drafting a QB next year if Tannehill doesn't translate those tools into more consistent play in his third year. Kid has the talent, now he has to turn it into successful play on another level.
    I agree with you all the way, but some of what RT does depends on the O line, and at this point that makes me a little nervous.
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