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Thread: Sports Buzz 6/27- Dolphins roster battles

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    TE and LB intrigue me most. as far as camp battles that is. sorry im hammered, and haven't posted hammered in awhile (since ive been on wagons) outside of clay where do we go. I really like gator, but where as he's a clay clone which is great, how many clays can you have playing at the same time. (Hoskins should make the 53 though!) but at the same time, you've dropped a top 4 draft pick on simms, egnew, and UGA guy (cant remember name and too drunk to look up, think lynch) so do you jump an UDFA ahead of any of the players you spent a min of a mid round pic on? and then LB, I want to see how our back up LB's pan out because I have no clue where or how the starting LB's will line up. as long as derrell Johnson makes team though im happy. I think Johnson ECU will at least earn a PS spot. if we try to stash gator on PS he'll be taken away if any team has a starting FB go down
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    Quote Originally Posted by Daytona Fin View Post
    Can't believe we can't find nobody to unseat Thigpen on returns. It's early yet and it sounds like Lazor might want incorporate him in the offense.

    Sounds like Johnson is working his way to a roster spot. I'm not a betting man but if I was to put my money on UDFA making the roster it would be him.

    JT has said in the past he wants to work in television but he seems to be building a resume for working within the Dolphins organization.
    I think Thigpen is good to keep, especially if you don't have receiver and running back filled with a bunch of stars. He can play either spot in a pinch and often role guys like that have a great attitude and work ethic that rubs off on some other players (hopefully). I bet Lazor has thought of some ways to use his versatility and keep defenses off guard a bit, even if he is not an explosive or dominant player.
    Thanks for the sig, Nublar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daytona Fin View Post
    Just saw this on Jackson's column. Probably a good time to take a break being it's the dullest time of year for sports.

    Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/sport...#storylink=cpy
    i really appreciate the fact that you piggy back these kind of things on existing threads...and yeah you right perfect time for a couple week long break before camp...
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