Just that one thing doesn't make us the laughing stock, it's more last year just continuing into this year. I'm always gonna cheer for the Phins, and I don't think that we are gonna suck this year, but damn, it sure does make me worried that all I've been hearing is bad news. Moreno knee surgery. Pouncey hip surgery. Tannehill and Wallace struggling. Dion Jordan suspended. I just don't like how this year is starting off at all. It all feels ominous to me.

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I wonder if the team knew of this all along, they wanted him on the field and wanted him bigger. They probably knew and said if you don't get caught it's all good and if you do you'll sit for 4 but it's still all good.
Yeah true, he did need to put on weight. If he comes out strong in week 5 then it's all good. But he really needs those reps!