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Thread: "The Bridge - Season 2"

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    "The Bridge - Season 2"

    So I watched the first 2 episodes last night, and wow, what a difference between this and last season! The first season wasn't bad, but IMO they could have done a lot more with the premise; it became somewhat formulaic and predictable. However, I was drawn in and invested enough time that I saw it through.

    Season 2 is dark, violent and intense right out of the shoot! I'll put some of the shenanigans in a spoiler but suffice it to say that when cartel lawyer (known from season 1) Lyle Lovett opens the show to music, walking into a model home, the scene of some carnage and has blood dripping on his hat from one of the victims overhead, it sets the stage nicely... and hasn't disappointed (at least on my part) so far. One more on demand episode to go til I'm caught up.

    Some of what's going on:

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    Sounds good. Never got into the first season but i'll circle back and give it a watch.

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