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Thread: Prediction time - Tannehill's 2014 stats

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    The truth is out there.

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    So uh, I was wrong.

    *looks around nervously*

    If we'd played Oakland in week one I could have been right, though!

    But seriously, folks, seriously. We joke around here, we laugh, we have our fun, but I just want to point out that anyone who disagrees with me is an idiot.
    Caleb Sturgis is so bad, that after being cut by the Dolphins, we got a revenge game against him.
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    hypocrisy and ignorance

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flip Tanneflop View Post
    You almost nailed it.
    you sure didn't
    hoops scoops 2012 season ..."in 2014 ryan tannehill etches his name in stone amongst the games elite qbs"..."ryan tannehill and andrew luck will carry the afc for the next decade plus the way peyton manning and tom brady have this last decade plus"
    for the love of god get a real freaking mike already!!!
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    C'mon Dolphins

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fins1971 View Post

    3rd Quarter of Season update.

    After 12 games Ryan Tannehill projects to the following stats for the full 2014 season

    376 for 565 (66.5%) for 3756 yards, 27 TD's and 12 interceptions, 37 sacks for 259 yards, 60 rushes for 385 yards and 1 TD

    Right now Slk018 has the closest prediction

    He had 4100 yards, 29 TD's, 14 Interceptions, 47 sacks, and 378 yards rushing with 3 TD's

    Pretty darn close
    Look like Slk018 wins this prediction thread. Good job.
    I have some money to bet on playoff games. Got anymore good predictions? 😄
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