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Thread: LOL @ Jets

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Message: Here ya go.Cam Wake 91Tannehill 171972 Dolphins Logo
    Quote Originally Posted by Jetsfan89 View Post
    Who did the Steelers play? I didn't see a football game being played. I saw a scrimmage. Similar to Baltimore in 2008. You're still just another loser like everyone else who is home right now.

    But to be fair, you guys had a great first season under Gase. The biggest thing though is building on it going forward. Jets are a long ways off from being contenders right now. We'll see what they do this off season. Biggest thing for the Dolphins was that losing Tannehill hurt. Not because Moore played bad, he didn't. But he missed out on valuable big games down the stretch of the season and some playoff experience. He had to watch from the sidelines. He could have benefited from being out there on Sunday. Regardless of the outcome.
    I don't consider Miami a loser based on 2016. I am proud of their accomplishments even with their flawed roster.

    You are right though in that they must build on having next year be as good if not better to show consistency. Doing what the Jets did in going from 10-6 to 5-11 would be a disaster.
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