First off, Im gonna get rid of the negatives that will be in this entry.....

How about a collective "what the F*ck?" for the last couple of plays at the end.

Eddie Jones was way off the entire game, and why was he drawn up to take that shot inside that late, and if he wasnt, why the hell didnt he give it up, it seemed like a Riley-esque stubborn move to script a play for the vet rather than the rookie, who was in the ZONE (I'll get to him in a second). Also, why wasnt Wade in the game at the end to take the absolute final shot? The ideal situation wouldve been to have Rasual, Rafer, Wade, Jones, and Odom.

This was a game the HEAT shouldve had, especially with Brian Grant shutting down Jermaine O'Neal. Ron Artest was the lone star of this game for the Pacers, and was nearly unstoppable, he is a beast. As for Jermaine O'Neal, he has to be one of the classiest players in the sport and could be a poster-boy (that works on a few levels, heh) for the NBA. He gave the HEAT credit, he gave Grant credit for shutting him down, and didnt take any cheap shots like some of the other Pacers in this series (Tinsley, Artest, etc.)

Ok now that that was out of the way, onto the positives. What a season it was. Talk about overachieving. The Miami Heat werent supposed to be on the radar, and can only do better. One key roster change that i would juts about guarantee is that Eddie Jones wont be around next year, and the nucleus of the HEAT will be CB4, Odom, and of course Dwyane Wade. To Bring Alston back the price will have to be right, and there are various situations with the rest of the roster. In my opinion we need to keep Grant at all costs, the guy has so much heart and leaves it out there on the floor, although its not up to me, and he may not be around next year. Stan Van Gundy did a hell of a job this year and he shouldve gotten more respect in the Coach of the YEar balloting.

Last but not least, Dwyane Wade is the best rookie in the league, PERIOD. No ifs, ands, or buts about it, and YES, i am including LeBron and Melo. Look at what this guy did this year, look at what he did when Artest guarded him tonight, the Defensive player of the year just got torched tonight. Dwyane played a position he never played before in his career this year and battled injury constantly, and still had good figures points-wise. LeBron and Melo for the most part were healthy and played their natural position. Could you imagine what Wade couldve done this year as a shooting guard/slasher (where Jones plays now)?

HEAT are one player away from being a league powerhouse, just one big man.....just thought i would say that randomly

and also, Ill repeat me crazy, call me a blind aqua, but Dwyane Wade proved to me in these playoffs that he is better than LeBron and Melo. I'm done....

GO HEAT in 2004-2005!