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Thread: So if it is SAD or bi-polar disorder

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    So if it is SAD or bi-polar disorder

    Could he and a lawer argue that since he needed medication to "right himself" that he wasn't under his own control this last time, and get out of fines and suspension? Kinda like the legally insane plea for a killer?

    I think it could work, and they could argue that suspension and punishment is no way to help a sick man, and that only with treatment would the league be helping ricky.

    Personally this may be his best bet, not only to help himself, but also to win back the team and fans, assuming he grows up and appoligizes like a man.

    Gase has taken an interesting approach to instilling a winning culture in Miami. He is cocky. He is smart. He is borderline deranged.
    Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/sports/sp...#storylink=cpy

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    he wont, he cant leave his Mary Jane
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