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You were not being "picked on"

Many of the pics included in that thread showed nudity... clearly against the TOS.
Since the Staff is already overworked, I support the decision to yank the entire thread, rather than going through all the time and trouble of removing the pics that violated TOS. Making more work for an already overworked staff is not something I like to see from the members.

Thanks for your future cooperation.

Believe me, I understand the idea behind the removal of the thread. I don't know if you actually checked it out or not but the fact is that I did not post any NUDE pics. There were Wet T-shirt shots but definately NO NUDITY. So the argument stands, why was it removed, I understand you want to back up your fellow mod, and again I understand the fact that you guys are definately overworked..........but once again, my point is I didn't break any TOS rules and unless I was to busy posting, I didn't see any posts that did. I remember West on there and maybe another member and thats it, and I know West did nothing but post comments. So unfortunately, I feel like you may not have checked the thread out prior to this and don't know that there was any nudity because if you had it would have been you to MOD it out, so see, I was simply looking for a good reason for its removal, thats all. Sorry about the sarcastic posts but I found it necessary to get some attention on the subject. Thanks very much.