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    Need some help/advice please

    undefinedjust completed draft any got any comments please feel free to tell me what I need

    McNabb QB start 1

    Alexander RB start 2
    T. Jones who should I start?
    K. Jones
    C. Garner

    L. Coles WR start 2
    S. Moss
    C. Chambers
    A .Lelie ( Kennison is still avaliable should I drop Lelie and pick up Kennison)

    Gonzalez TE start 1

    C. Brown K start 1

    Dolphins Defense start 1

    Thank you for any help
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    The Postseason Patriots are dead, at least for this season. And Brady isn't quite sure what to do with the playoffs marching on without him.

    "It's going to be hard to watch those games," he said. "Can both teams lose?"
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