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Thread: Merged: Advice given to Dolphins/ Ron Wolf says.....rebuild now

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Message: Done and doneSnakes!1972 Dolphins Logo
    Quote Originally Posted by darkmistress
    I find it amusing that anyone could expect Wanny to be able to "rebuild" a team when he couldn't even be successful with a team that was already great...If we're going to rebuild (which I feel is inevitable) we have got to start with a new coaching staff or at least HC...
    Amen sister.

    I hate to say it; I supported Wannstedt right up to the moment he named Fiedler the starter again this season. It's unfortunate, because the man has the tools to be a great coach, but he is stubborn as a damn mule, and he can't judge NFL talent to save his life. Or his job...

    I said this in another post - after we beat the Pats this week, I'd like to see us trade everyone worth anything at all away; thank Wannstedt and Spielman for their service and show them out; then play the young guys - Feeley, Rosenfels, Poole, Bua, Hadnot - throw them in the fire and temper them, see what they've got. Then draft size and speed in '05, and sign a strong veteran QB.


    @NaboCane 47m
    The last 16 years, @MiamiDolphins coaching/FO staffs have formed a very tall wall that whatever field talent they stumble onto cannot vault.
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    Quote Originally Posted by phunwin
    Um, I never mentioned Ricky Williams going to Dallas. I mentioned the possibility of our top 5 draft pick going to Dallas. I'm well aware of the presence of Julius Jones in the Cowboys backfield.
    Yeap, Parcells loves guys who are always out with injuries. Whatever affection he might have felt for Jones died a long time ago with his multiple injuries.
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    Seriously, this guy may be well respected all around the league. And we wanted him as an advisor/talent scout. But he turned down the job because he didn't feel he could dedicate enough time to the Dolphins, so screw him and his opinion.
    I've never been beatin' on a guy and thought "Hmmm, I think I'll bite him now, too" or "I've bloodied his face enough, now it's time to work the groin".
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    Quote Originally Posted by BringBackShula
    Yeah, but in order to build a strong offense, you need to get rid of certain guys on defense in order to either make a good deal for anoffensive guy, or to get some good picks for this next draft.
    We just need to draft better and evaluate free agents better no need to trade any good players. All we need is a line and that can be attained thru good scouting.
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