John Kerry knew he was in enemy territory on the morning after his hometown Boston Red Sox won the World Series, but he couldn't help himself.

"I'm not completely out of touch. I understand you have the (Cincinnati) Reds and the (Cleveland) Indians," he told a raucous audience Thursday in a school gym here. "But you gotta give me just a couple of minutes of feeling great. It's been 86 years!" The Red Sox last won the World Series in 1918.

Kerry recalled a man who phoned a radio show about a year ago "when things weren't going so well" for the campaign. "Thinking they were just cutting me right to he quick, they said, 'John Kerry won't be president until the Red Sox win the World Series.' "

A roar swept over the crowd as Kerry said, "We're on our way."

Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling took a different point of view and endorsed President Bush on Thursday on ABC's Good Morning America. "Tell everybody to vote — and vote Bush — next week," he said.

Bush thanked Schilling and also telephoned his congratulations to the team owner and president. "This is a long time coming, and he shares in their excitement at winning the World Series," Bush spokesman Scott McClellan said.