I received this email from Tony:

To all FINHEAVEN members:

On behalf of the entire Egues family, please accept my sincerest gratitude for all of your generous donations, and more importantly, your prayers. As all of you know, my daughter Victoria was born with a birthmark known as a hemangioma. My wife and I discovered it, at approximately two weeks after her birth. Her hemangioma continued to grow as Victoria got older, and in fact, grew at a pace her body could not tolerate. Due to the nature of my daughter’s condition, and the fact that although not life threatening, the hemangioma was extremely painful and uncomfortable for her, my wife and I decided to search for solutions. After numerous visits to several doctors throughout South Florida (each with a different answer), and by the grace of the Almighty, we found the answer to our prayers in the form of a prominent Pediatric Plastic Surgeon based out of New York, who’s practice focuses solely on hemangiomas. The rest is history.

Like any other parents, Lissette and I consider our daughters to be our most precious gift from the Lord, and there is nothing that we wouldn’t do for either of them. Now that the surgery has come and gone; I have often found myself thinking about our changes of fortune, and clearly, how we’ve arrived at our current state. Victoria couldn’t be doing better. She’s running around the house with our oldest daughter, and its life as usual at the Egues household. As parents we firmly believe that the success of our daughter’s surgery, and her quick recovery, are a direct result of all the prayers that were said in her name, and for this, we will always be indebted.

As stated on your website, Lissette and I have decided to donate all of the proceeds to benefit hemangioma research. For us, the worst is now a memory, one which has left us with a clear sense of duty. As a result, Lissette and I feel that the monies donated are best left on the Alter of Research. We hope that this will somehow lessen the burden for families like ours in the future.

Warmest regards, and my deepest gratitude,

Tony Egues
Head Equipment Manager
Miami Dolphins