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To be honest, you do not need to allow yourself to be sucked into this type of confrontation. Just allow your contributions to do the talking for you.

I've been on this board since before the draft. I've found your contributions to add insight and legitimacy to many threads on this board. Many members indirectly/directly reference your work as the foundation for their viewpoints.

Granted, non-NFL types are not going to be cap geniuoses. But, your work at least facilitates conjecture that otherwise may not be exchanged. I think everyone understands exactness is not the point. I think more importantly, we understand your work is as accurate as WE need it to be.

Please do not be offended by the words of someone less appreciative. And, remember, it is easy for "arm chair GMs" to reject or refute the work of someone else.... yet they offer no work of their own in rebuttal.

Your work may not necessarily bleed aqua and orange, but it does help add validity to a web site we enjoy. A web site that supports our team.

And, remember, many of us really do believe in a place called "Clumpytown".

Won't you take me?


Thanks for the support