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Thread: Phil Savage To GM?

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    Phil Savage To GM?

    Apparently Saban's fairly close with him. Savage was a scout at Cleveland when Saban and Belichek were there.

    Would we offer Savage the GM job along with our offer to Saban?

    That might make a hell of a team:


    You just know Saban - a defensive guy - is looking at our current team and saying to himself "hey these guys are not the average 2-11 team. They have an excellent defense, some definite talent on offense, a ton of guys coming back from injury next year and a likely top 5 draft pick."

    We'll see...
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    I think that would put us headed in the right direction!
    The Postseason Patriots are dead, at least for this season. And Brady isn't quite sure what to do with the playoffs marching on without him.

    "It's going to be hard to watch those games," he said. "Can both teams lose?"
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