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Thread: Some other numbers to chew on...

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    Some other numbers to chew on...

    I posted this over at Indystar...just for fun.

    When comparing Edge and Ricky, most have talked about fumbles and or injuries:
    Ricky 39 games played, 12 fumbles lost
    Edge 39 games played, 12 fumbles lost

    Ricky has small hands? Can't catch?
    Ricky 132 rec. vs. Edge 151 rec.

    Career avg.'s
    Ricky 3.9
    Edge 4.3

    Hardly deserving of "can't hold jockstap" remarks.

    How about Fiedler vs. manning? Wins don't count remember!?!?
    Fiedler 45 games played- manning 65 games
    JF 36 INT's - pm 81 INT's

    JF 1 INT for every 25 ATT - pm 1 INT for every 27 (closer than you thought?)

    Fiedler never threw more INT's than TD's in a season (okay so peyton did it in his rookie year...I'm just sayin')

    Comp %
    JF 59.8% pm 61%

    Other tidbits-
    -Fins have won 4 in a row in the Dome
    -Fins knocked 4 QB's out of games last year. (including pm...even though he returned)
    -colts allowed 340 yards to the Jags last week. (how many new players did they have on the OL?)
    -Fins have out scored colts 92-30 in the 4th QRT and OT in the last 7 games.
    -I have too much time on my hands.
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    Yea you do..but all those sats are from a difference coach team..now we deal with the new..An established all pro O in Indy..plus the blueprints of a All pro D under Dungy..when he gets the pieces he want in that D..Indy will be awesome..so this is a good test for our team to see where we're at.
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