This is the 3rd straight year we will be running a gm league on finheaven.(thanx to AJ and Muck for helpin, and putting up with us)...Its just a fun league to make the offseason go quicker. In this league u get to take control of a franchise, make trades, tag, release and draft whomever u like to make ur team better. All this has to be done within a cap system. At the end we'll vote to see who has done the best job as a gm. Rules arent posted yet, but u can check out the 2004 forum to get a good idea of how it all will work. Teams will be handed out sometime this week so please post if ur interested or get a hold of me on aim:stanmarino13.

2004 GM League link if u'd like to see how it all worx(wont be many changes cept cap space and tag values and so forth)

2005 GM League link