Im now starting the official draft darren sproles bandwagon...

Darren Sproles

Official Bio
College: Kansas St.
Height: 5-5
Position: Running Back
Weight: 180
Class: Senior
40-Yard: 4.35

Strengths: Great speed...Very productive...Dynamic and very hard to tackle...Runs harder than you would think for a guy his size and shows a lot of toughness...Has great vision...Unbelievable balance...Very shifty...Gets lost because everyone else is so much bigger than he is...Good receiver...Has all the intangibles...Also a return man.

Weaknesses: Vastly undersized...Will never be able to cut it as a blocker...Has been durable during his college career, but they hit harder in the pros...Had a down senior season and was shut down in some games.

Notes: Classic case of a great college player who just doesn't project well to the pro level...Won't go nearly as high as his reputation would lead you to believe...A better player than Quentin Griffin, but probably a backup and change of pace back at best in the NFL.

heres a fact from the combine

*Some bench numbers from today, Carnell Williams put up 19, and Darren Sproles came in with 23.

Carnell outweighs little sproles by over 30 lbs. and is like 6 inches taller!

Heres a video of him so you guys take a look at what he can do

heres his official site so you can see more about him

I'm getting a little sick and tired of people saying that small rbs cant be feature runningbacks in the nfl when thats very wrong....barry sanders, emmit smith, charlie garner ,and many many more were all feature backs!

Hes also a great punt returner! This guy would be one of the explosive players nick saban is talking about...He would be our brian westbrook!

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