Just for kicks, I took the player ratings on the most popular draft prospects from NCAA 2005 and created the player in Madden 2005. The only changes I made was to lower everyone's Awareness by 25 points and average their Stamina and Injury rating to get a toughness rating. The results were:

WR Mike Williams, USC, 93
OLB Derrick Johnson, Texas, 93
HB Carnell Williams, Auburn, 92
OT Alex Barron, Florida St, 90
HB Cedric Benson, Texas, 89
WR Braylon Edwards, Michigan, 89
HB Ronnie Brown, Auburn, 87
CB Antrel Rolle, Miami, 84
QB Aaron Rodgers, Cal, 82
QB Alex Smith, Utah, 79

(I took Cadillac and he is doing great! Never less than 100 all-purpose yards per game, 200 rushing against Bucs)