The structure of the current deal is already in the Dolphins favor. No signing bonus, minimum salary, repayment of any incentive bonus earned and unearned signing bonus if the contract is not completed so far and in the future. So far that's $8.6 million.

If the Dolphins want the situation to have a chance of success collection of the $8.6 million judgment should be postponed and not collected if the contract is completed. Then base salary has to be agreed upon somewhere, probably a middle ground of $2 million, between the minimum of $540k and what Ricky was due to make, $3.735 million. The incentive bonuses that the contract has may stay the same or be renegotiated too, to make up for a smaller salary.

If both parties are not reasonable the situation could go to arbitration and that is a big unknown. If Ricky wins the Dolphins may want to release him. If the Dolphins win who knows what Ricky does??? Quit again, play to be traded and not have to pay back the $8.6 million or a combination of both???