OnTheClock draft has a ton of content, plain and simple, for your draft needs. Currently, they have a blog from David Greene, who, according to the blog, recently had workouts with the Dolphins!

With a subscription you get no ads on their website, sortable player rankings, interview audio instead of just a transcript, the ability to submit questions to the players we interview, a 2 round mock with commentary instead of a 1 round with no commentary and of course an entry in our mock draft contest which offers a cash prize to the winner. They are hoping to get the prize up in the thousands, but at the moment it's in the hundreds. The more people that sign up, the bigger the prize is.

Best of all, when you become a member of their service you help out FinHeaven. It's a win-win situation!

So, please click here to sign up : http://www.otcdraft.com?r=11127871851829

Our referal id number is: 11127871851829 (Please make sure this number is in the signup form to track our members!)

If you have any questions, please let me know. I'm sure that either I or Saint Greg, owner of OTC Draft, would be more than willing to help.

Thank you,
Andrew Tatum