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Thread: Def. coaches choose offensive players

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    Def. coaches choose offensive players

    Did anyone really catch this? The first three picks in the 1st round were offensive players by defensive minded coaches.
    I was watching the highlights of Ronnie Brown again this morning and he impressed me more than I thought. Only one run was thru a nice hole, the others he was breaking tackles and running over LB's, not DB's, but LB's. He was also out running DB's.
    Anyway, I just thought it was interesting to see the defensive coaches picking offensive players not first or second, but also three in a row.
    Do you have any old games on tape? Would you be interested in making a trade? I enjoy recording and collecting old games. Send me an PM if your interested in trading.
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    that's because offensive players were the best players available to pick a defensive person that high would have been considered a reach
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