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Thread: Autographed Ricky Williams 8x10

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    Autographed Ricky Williams 8x10

    I have an "extra" autographed Ricky Williams 8x10. I bought two pics a little over a year ago and it was my understanding they were different photographs, however, when I received them they were the same. I bought a new home in december and they have been packed away for almost 8 months. I am looking to sell one of them because IMO it looks dumb having 2 of the same photo displayed I'd rather use that money to purchase a different player.

    Attached should be 2 pics showing the photo, its certificate of authenticity, a small note on teh left with my screename and date I took the pic. Oe has the second pic in the background to show I really do have 2. i have compared the signature with others I own, as well as with real ones online, and it looks identical. I will include the black frame because I do not own those plastic sheeths to ship it in.

    $35 shipped, please PM if interested, first PayPal gets it.

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