I have lived in Boynton Beach, Florida, my entire life and I know better than to take it for granted. I love the sun, beaches and my Dolphins. Last week I was offered a job from my brother to come work with him in New Orleans. The job is on a supply ship off the coast; I work two weeks on, two weeks off or three weeks on one week off. I would be earning between 90-110$ a day depending on what hazard level of work I would be willing to do. Durring the time on board room and board is provided for; cigarettes and other necessities are made available. Durring my off time I would not have to work and would be living easy in NOLA.
The downside is that I would be leaving everything I have here. My friends, family, girlfriend and Dolphins tickets would be unfortunate casualtys of this. I cannot make up my mind so I am entrusting my future to the posters of Finheaven.