Dan Marino 16x20 Autographed Photo

Limited Edition of 250

$185 each. Shipping included!

Deadline for purchase: Friday, July 7 at noon EST.

This is your chance to purchase a very rare 16x20 PhotoFile poster (officially licensed NFL company) autographed by DAN MARINO and commemorating his induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The poster features the most prolific NFL passer of all time, Dan Marino and some of his favorite targets in his 17 year Dolphin career. Included on the poster are the receivers who hauled in some of Marino's most significant catches.

Joe Rose - Caught Marino's very first touchdown (Targeted as the next gameday Dolphins radio announcer!)

Mark Clayton - Caught Marino's 100th touchdown

Jim Jensen - Caught Marino's 200th touchdown

Keith Jackson - Caught Marino's 300th touchdown

OJ McDuffie - Caught Marino's 400th touchdown

This poster is a true collector's item and the best thing about it is that each poster is numbered and there are only 250 in print. No additional posters will be printed and the collection of players to accent Marino may never be duplicated. Keith Jackson and Joe Rose are not under permanent contract with PhotoFile and only signed up for this special limited edition poster!

Not only could this be an incredible investment, the poster would look great framed and proudly displayed in any Dolphin room! The Marino poster will look great next to the helmets, footballs and other memorabilia.

PhotoFile is the same company that made the official poster Marino is signing at his HOF autograph session. Unlike the one sold by the HOF, this poster focuses only on Dan Marino's career and the Dolphins!

Feel free to email me with any questions and I will happily reply! If you are ready to purcahse today, please send payment via PayPal to webmaster@finheaven.com.

Common Questions:

  • How do I know it's real?
    • It will come with a photo of Dan signing the item and a COA from Mounted Memories!
  • What color pen will be used?

    • Blue.
  • When will this photo be signed?

    • Dan will be signing these photos on Saturday, July 9th. The photos will be shipped shortly afterwards to all paid customers via FedEx.