Here are the FinHeaven & Co Board Policies, failure to know them is simply your loss.

[list=1][*]There will be no attacks toward any other member, no matter what. If you are offended by another poster’s comments, please email an administrator or moderator as soon as possible explaining what happened. If you respond in the same manor as they did, you are now part of the problem. If you have something against someone else, please email the member.

Furthermore, please... no racist, derogatory or other comments referring to sexual preference / gender
[*]There will be no swearing of any kind.
[*] Edited on August 1, 2002 - You may post a link to a great article or report on another fan site, however, you may not simply advertise a site. For example, you may say, "Check out this great report at blablabla.com" However, you may not say, "blablabla.com is an awesome site and its a must see." We know, its a very fine line... however, we think you understand what we mean.
[*]Moderators are given the right to edit or delete your thread, even without consulting you first. However, if you find that a moderator continually does this for know apparent reason, please email the Webmaster.
[*]If any member breaks any of these policies, the following will be done.
First warning is given via PM.
Secondly, a PM and email is sent.
Finally, you will banned. If you feel that you can act mature on the boards, please feel free to contact us.
[*]An Administrator is allowed to ban you without your notice if your action is severe.
[*] Added: Jan 06, 2002 - The Moderators and Super Moderators deserve the right to delete a post or thread without the Admin's input if the post or thread is severe or out of hand.
[*] Added: May 01, 2002 - Please keep posts where they belong. If you wish to talk about politics for example, please post it in "The Lounge." If you wish to talk about other NFL teams, post it in "General NFL." And, of course, if you wish to talk about YOUR MIAMI DOLPHINS, post it in the Miami Dolphins forum! If an Admin or Mod find that you have posted an off topic post, it will be moved to the appropriate forum.
[*] Added: May 30, 2002 - Please do not post an entire article. Instead, post the first three or so sentences, and then include a link to that article. The reason is simply because of copyright issues. And I for one do not want to have The Sun Sentinel coming after me in a lawsuit
[*] Added: July 25, 2002 - Anyone user name that contains profane words will be deleted from the message board. Note that this is not a ban, as you can re-register using a different name.
[*] Added: October 28, 2002 - In any forum (that includes the smack forum!), there are to be no lewd or pornographic remarks. Any of the such will be deleted immediately. If you continue to post such remarks, you will be banned. We try to keep this board as clean as possible...

If you continue to use a name that contains profanity or maybe harmful to children's eyes, you will be banned.... its as simple as that. [/list=1]

Next, please do not take everything one person says seriously. Yes, if you feel that it needs to be seen by a moderator or an administrator, please do. However, in most cases, a poster is joking around.

If you make a comment and you think it could offend someone, please include some type of indication that you are just joking around. Some people take things a little to seriously, and it should not.

The FinHeaven & Co Boards are meant to be an enjoyable place for Dolphin fans to talk about football with other fans, and amongst themselves. Anything that does not relate to football, take it to “The Lounge” section of the boards. If anyone defers the purpose of the boards, they will be talked to.

These policies are subject to change without notice, please check back often to make sure you have the latest policies.

I hope this clears up all the confusion, and will keep the Boards fun for everyone, Dolphin fans and any other fan that decides to come on over.