We have tried advertising, and in fact we HAVE advertisers, it's just not making enough. Our budget? We need $129.00 a month for 12 months. We took the 500.00 we raised in the last donation, and bought a one year package which we hoped would solve the problem. Well, as you all can see, Fin Heaven crashes the server we are on. They told us we need a dedicated server, and that is 129.00 a month.

Other sites easily raise the money for operating costs. There is a Jets, Bills, Packers, and Raiders site that I know of, which does a fund raiser every year, and they don't seem to have any problem. One site has about half the members we do.

In the mean time, until we can afford to upgrade, just expect the site to crash a lot. We are working on a temp solution for that, but we aren't sure if we can work it out.

Sorry for snapping at everyone in the beginning, AJ and I were just frustrated, and a bit angry.