I will have this sign with me at the Rib-off on Saturday evening, Sunday morning before the Ceremony, and Sunday night at the Downtown Festival/Fireworks.

Please stop by and say hello. I'd like to meet as many of you as possible. I'll be taking pics and video and whatnot to document the trip, and think it would be awesome to meet a bunch of you folks and include that as part of it.

Plus, we've all been starting threads and PMing each other trying to figure out a way to coordinate... I think this will make it easy. So I'm going to try to sit in one place as long as possible, with my sign, in an effort to get us FinHeaven people together.

It's also great (free) advertising for the site. It's the least I can do to pay back FinHeaven for the tix I won.

So when you see this sign, stop on over and hang out for a while, or just say hello. Either way, let's make sure FinHeaven is heard LOUD AND CLEAR for Dan on Sunday.

FinHeaven Rocks!!!