It’s been two preseason games and now the season is over? Keep it real. We knew that we needed new blood on this team and real coaches. It takes time to condition players to a new system and find the right ones who will fit in. This season is not about going to the super bowl rather preparing us to be in a position to go to a super bowl. It will take time but mark my word. WE WILL WIN MORE GAMES THIS YEAR THAN LAST YEAR.

All we have seen so far is a smokescreen. Saban has not played his best hand yet for the starting line up. When it comes to the 1st game of the season, we will see a different team. We should all know this for look at how Saban manipulates his words with the media. No different.

Keep it real and let’s focus on the improvements. We all have seen enough last year in that we don't need more negative talk. The Smoke will clear and all will be fine.